2019 Richest Celebrities in Turkey Top 10 Turkish Millionaires

4. Burak Ozcivit Net Worth US $ 3 million

richest celebrities in Turkey

Burak Ozcivit is the former fashion model and also the Turkish famous actor. Burak Ozcivit has won the competition of the best male models, and also was second runner-up in the “Best Model of the World“.

Burak Ozcivit worked in both television and movies series. His top and most recognized role in the “Family Home”, “Impossible Love”, “Man on compulsion,” and in “The Magnificent Century”.

Burak Ozcivit estimated net worth is US $ 3 million and he is ranked at No.4 in the list of top 10 richest celebrities in Turkey as appeared in financial magazines.

3. Tolgahan Sayisman Net Worth $ 5 million

Tolgahan Sayisman is the Turkish hot and impressive model, actor and also a famous TV presenter. Tolgahan is also holds the title of “Best Model of the World”.

Tolgahan Sayisman has been featured in many moves and has performed some good roles in the movies like “Love Comes Unexpectedly”, “Goal of My Life” and in the series such as “Ask and Sky” and in “Tulip Age”.

Tolgahan estimated net worth is US $ 5 million and he is the third richest celebrity in Turkey as given the impression in financial magazines.

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