2019 Richest Celebrities in Turkey Top 10 Turkish Millionaires

8. Engin Akyurek Net Worth US $ 1.5 million

Engin Akurek is the Turkish successful actor and because of his talented and dedication towards acting that makes him to the top notch stars of Turkey. He is participated in the men’s beauty competition in 2006 and after that he was starred in his debuted movie “Zeki Demirkubuz”.

Engin Akyurek also worked in the movie which is named as “Destiny”. Engine Akurek has won the best actor award of the year for some brilliant performance at the age of 30. Engine Akurek estimated net worth is US $ 1.5 million and ranked at 8th in the list of top 10 richest celebrities in Turkey as appeared in financial magazines.

7. Hazal Kaya Net Worth US $ 1.8 million

Hazal Kaya is the richest Turkish model and actress and worked in both television and movies. She starts her acting career with the television series Genco. She gets the supporting role in the “Ask-l Memnu” and also played a leading role in the “Adini Feriha Koydym”.

Engin Akyurek also play a leading role in the “Emir Sarrafoglu” as the Porter’s daughter that was fall in love with the richest and handsome boy of her university most popular student, and the serial get the highest ratings in all Turkey. Hazal Kaya is the Turkish highest paid actress and her estimated net worth is US $ 1.8 million and she is the seventh richest Turkish celebrity as given the impression in financial magazines.

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