Ethiopia Richest: 2019 Top 10 Richest People in Ethiopia

4. Sebhat Nega

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He was previously a member of the politburo of TPLF and was close to the dictator. He was also a member of the committee for Endowment Fund For Relief Of Tigray.

He was close to Meles, but was later kicked out of both organisations. His present estimation of net worth is about $2 billion as of now but his real worth previously was even more than this. He is still one of the most influential people in whole of Ethiopia as of today.

3. Berhane Gebrekristos

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He was one of the closest to the dictator Meles and his wife Azeb Mesfin. He is a really trusted apprentice to the dictator and even now he is a partner of Azeb Mesfin in various businesses.

He was a part of the diplomatic works that was used by the dictator for money laundering. The dictator himself looted a huge amount of money in the name of taxes from the common people and before the government was formed, he helped them in the loot of money. His estimated worth at present stands at $2 billion.

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