Ethiopia Richest: 2019 Top 10 Richest People in Ethiopia

8. Omer Ali Shifaw

Ethiopia has a great environment for coffee cultivation. Thus the production of coffee is a perfect business that Omer Ali Shifaw set up there. He is the leading name behind Nejat International that is involved in supplying high grade coffee to the other countries around the world.

Most of the coffee produced here is exported and that made this agricultural company famous. This company went into other sectors of agriculture as well so that it can flourish from all sides.

Since the company is facing competitors the business has decreased making enough profit like before. His net worth at present is $500 million.

7. Abay Tsehaye (Ethiopia Richest)

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He is a politician from the ruling party in Ethiopia. He has enough influence inside the party because he is a veteran there.

That is one reason through which he has made lot of connections and made a lot of worth through the country’s economy. He has also invested in various sectors of business that have made the work simpler for him to gain out of the profits.

The shares from the company has made her present estimated worth of about $1.5 billion. He is extremely influential in the country.

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